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Gloucester Guitar Tech - Setup Repair & Service

Quite often I see students who have guitars that need a setup and are difficult to play, and that is no reflection on their ability!


Over time, guitars can be affected by heat and humidity in the air. Or they may not have been set up properly at the factory (often the case with low cost guitars). The strings are too far away from the fretboard perhaps, and the neck isn't as straight as it should be. The radius is off, or the saddle is too high.


So if you think your guitar is in need of repair and could play better, contact Gloucester Guitar Tech to book it in for a Pro Setup and Service, including a new set of strings, and it will play like new!


Pro Setup and Service for Electric and Acoustic Guitars - £40

- Check neck relief and truss rod adjustment

- Correct action height at 1st and 12th fret

- Check saddle radius and bridge

- Check intonation

- Clean fretboard and polish frets

- Check pickup height (electric guitars)

- Clean electrics on tone pots etc (electric guitars)

- General clean, new set of strings


(For guitars with a Floyd Rose tremelo a setup and service is £50 due to the extra work required)


For my dedicated guitar serice website - check out 

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"Paul recently serviced my black Richie Sambora signature Stratocaster. I have to say when I got it back it was like new! Body polished, neck and frets cleaned, and a new set of hybrid strings made it feel 100% better. In addition Paul had reset the intonation which had become wayward, and of course this just added to the improvement. To cap it all my Strat has a Floyd Rose tremolo which, though great to use, are a so-and-so to maintain properly, however Paul even dealt with this in his calm, professional way. Thanks Paul - and to all you guitarists out there I would recommend Paul's workmanship thoroughly." 

Mike - Gloucester